The “Jack Murtha” Philadelphia Navy Shipyard? Just Say NO!

The “Jack Murtha” Philadelphia Navy Shipyard? Just Say NO!


Reports have surfaced that Pennsylvania Democrats are in favor of naming the iconic Philadelphia Navy Shipyard after the recently-deceased Congressman Jack Murtha.

I have just one question for those who favor of such a preposterous idea— such as Congressman Bob Brady—:

“Hi. I’m Earth. Have we met?”

On what planet are these people living?

Yes, naming the veritable shipyard —one that played a decisive role in the Allies’ victory in World War II — after a man who flagrantly disregarded that old document called The Constitution for his own political benefit seems like a swell idea.

A Vietnam veteran, Murtha knew firsthand how difficult fighting could be on both the battlefield and homefront. One would think a war as controversial as Vietnam, in which soldiers became targets of venomous slurs and unfair accusations by the public and elected officials, would have taught Big Jack the lessons of patience, humility and honor.
One would be wrong.

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