What’s Pa Water Cooler about?

It’s about Pa politics, analysis, rumor and current events are on the agenda, but the goal is conversation about them. Conversation amongst conservative / libertarian / Republican commentators. Think of it like National Review’s The Corner.

On topic subjects include (but are not limited to) the Governor, Legislature, the state courts. Federal issues are fair game, so long as a Pa politician is the focus of the conversation. Local issues are also fair game. Philly mayor’s brother under federal indictment is a good example. The Pittsburgh mayoral race. 2007 municipal elections.

Who are we?

We’re your random cadre of bloggers and columnists from around the state, but all on the right side of the political spectrum.

Interested in joining us? Write me.

Where are the comments?

In general, there aren’t any. The poster’s email address is posted in the right hand column or if you click their name under the post’s title. Feel free to nag us. Or feed us. We reserve the right to post what you email us, so consider that when writing.

Occasionally we will open comments on a post. Those posts will be noted. As with all blogs, the comments are moderated.

Disclaimer &c.

Nothing we say in anyway is necessarily representative of or in the name of any organizations we may be parties to. So there.