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P-G Supports Academic Freedom! Sometimes

This column in today’s Post-Gazette needs to be saved and used against them in the future:

P-G: Everyone’s right: Even teachers deserve to exercise free speech

Today, the P-G is very upset that some Arizona Republicans are trying to stop teachers from giving their personal political opinions in the classroom.  According to the P-G, teachers should have the fundamental right to free speech, even in class, and that anything less, to paraphrase the P-G, is a perversion of civil rights!

I’ll remember this the next time the P-G tells us that teachers have no right to talk about Intelligent Design, or pro-life, or the defense of marriage, or Christianity in general in the classroom.   I’ll remember it, and I’ll mail their own column to them showing them what hypocrites they are.

February 28, 2007 at 5:14 pm
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