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Re: Blue State PA

Alex, the problem with Pennsylvania, and many other states, is voter ignorance.  While a majority of PA voters are registered Democrats, a good percentage of those Dems hold conservative views.  Yet in spite of their conservative views, they go out every election and vote straight Democrat.

I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that a vote for a Democrat, even a vote for a “moderate” like Bobby Casey, is a vote for conservative values is extremely ignorant when it comes to politics.  The modern Democrat Party, regardless of what it used to stand for, is currently the party of socialism, surrender, and abortion.  They’re more interested in fighting Bush and Cheney then they are in fighting Islamic fascists and Communist dictators.

Every single day I read the letters in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which seem to radiate pure hatred toward President Bush and Republicans in general.  It’s practically obscene, and would definitely be considered “hate speech” if directed at Democrats.  This insanity is almost certainly influencing conservative Democrats who don’t know any better.

I would bet that if we took a poll asking Casey voters why they voted for Casey, most of them would either answer “To get rid of Santorum” or “I don’t know”.  Santorum was that evil guy with the “R” after his name, who likes George “Super Hitler” Bush, and who had the audacity to actually be conservative on social issues and on national defense.

I have no doubt that thousands of the folks who went out to vote against Santorum agreed with his views, but didn’t even know what those views were – all they knew was that that Santorum guy was a loathsome, evil person.  And they “knew” that because the PA media and the Democrat Party told them so.  It’s completely absurd, but it’s exactly what’s been going on.

February 28, 2007 at 5:03 pm
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