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It’s quite evident what the overall goal of the Guzzardi mailer is. Taint Melissa Murphy Weber and Bruce Castor with Bob Guzzardi’s associations. Hence the picture of Bob with Senator Lieberman (who might become a Republican, heh!) and would-be once-again County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel.

Of course one mailer isn’t going to do it. The watercooler sources (from the crisp cool mountain springs of Pennsylvania) say that a couple of rounds of these things to the county committeepeople will be the method.

Expect one or two next week, and another one or two the following week each making closer and closer associations between them. Given that Bruce’s position has one been of saving the Montco courthouse for the Republicans, they hope to make some in roads into the Weber/Castor lead among the committee.

As you would expect for a guy that spent half a million dollars on “good government” causes, Bob isn’t one to keep his mouth shut. There are probably a few people culling through Bob’s email “blasts”… rarely a day or two go by without hearing from him. Another one or two or three are going through Bob Guzzardi’s 1500-ish posts at GrassrootsPa. No doubt there are thousands more at the old site as well. I’m certain 90% of those comments will say something like “… and they’re supported by unrepentant convicted perjurer Bob Asher!” (and your little dog too!)

The website will be replete with similar to the mailer re-contextualized examples.

Some opinion round up….

Got this email from committeeman Matt Tucholke… and he nails the big picture….

It’s people like Ron Harper that keep the status quo and the old-boy political networks thriving. He is nothing more then an attack dog for the “establishment” republicans who are responsible for the tired, old back-room politics that is dragging down the true sense of the republican party. He is a mindless drone for these defectors of fiscal conservatism that seeks to silence any group or anyone that seeks to pull the covers back and expose their hypocrisy.


Bob Guzzardi is a reform conservative first and foremost and will support ANYONE that fits the mold of his beliefs, so I have no problem with him supporting dems that follow those core beliefs.

GrassrootsPa has an active 35+ comment thread about this.

Hard to say if the commenters are all the same person, but they seem to converge on Bob Asher being ultimately behind this. Except for maybe Bob Guzzardi himself who writes…

The pointlessness of this attack on me leads to the obvious inference that Ken Davis thought this up. I contribute to Democrats and Ken Davis associates with an unrepentent convicted perjurer and attempted briber of public officials and Welfare King Davis takes more quarter of million dollars of County public money with no benefit to County and, it seems, he thinks I am a liability.

Another comment from Bob.

I have to admit I am not as smart as Ken Davis because if I were I would be getting $7500 for no work lobbyist contract, voted on by Ellis-Matthews, Bob Asher’s colleagues. Increasing our taxes ( net increases over term despite election year decrease ) to increase their pay ( 38% as I recall ) and Ken Davis’ lobbying contract. Interesting though is how little Davis contributes to Republicans. One would think with more than a quarter of a million over last three years, he would be a big funder. In any event, all this comes to an end by next January. Davis is not only using public postion for private gain but ruining the Republican party.

Well, the lobbying firm did save us 6% sales tax on copying government documents. A moral victory.

February 23, 2007 at 11:08 pm
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