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The experts agree

Our illustrious Governor Rendell and our superb Senator Arlen Spector have weighed in on their post election analysis.  Let’s listen in:

Rendell says if the Republicans ever hope to have a chance again, they have to shelve John McCain’s choice for the #2 spot:

“A Republican Party that is dominated by the philosophy of people like Sarah Palin can, in my judgment, never win again in places like the Philadelphia suburbs and the Philadelphia media market.”

Asked whether Palin represents the future of the party, Sen. Specter answered succinctly:


And so, gentle readers, the “experts” agree:  Palin does not represent the future of the Republican party, and the Republican Party can only succeed in moving farther to the center.  Also, both “experts look forward to gobs and gobs of bi-partisanship from the new Obama Administration.

Thanks for that valuable insight, guys.  We’ll give that analysis exactly the weight it deserves.

H/T Grassroots PA

November 6, 2008 at 7:39 am
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