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Supporting Ellis

A letter supporting Montco Commissioner Tom Ellis has just gone out to committee people in the 148th District from former State Rep Lita Cohen. The 148th District is also, perhaps coincidentally, the same House district that Melissa Murphy Weber had represented. Weber took over after a failed State Senate bid by Cohen.

Commentary after the jump…

It’s interesting that Lita Cohen chooses to endorse Tom Ellis, when she didn’t endorse George Bush in 2000.

Rep. Cohen said she is so disturbed by Bush’s pro-life stand, his opposition to gun control, his willingness to lower the wall between church and state and his public statement that only those who believe in Jesus can achieve salvation, that she will not publicly endorse her fellow Republican in the fall. (She’s not backing Gore, either.)

To be fair, her endorsement of Santorum in 2000 (who holds similar views) was because of his commiment to the community and constitutent services… perhaps that’s the justification for the Ellis endorsement.

There’s no elephant in the room, btw.

I think there’s a typo at the bottom, Rep Lita Cohen served from 1992 to 2002. Ten years, as indicated in the text.

Speaking of which, Tom Ellis was elected in 2004, so it’s not clear how he might have been there to support any post 9/11 work with Ms Cohen… by my reading, the context implies Commissioner and State Rep cooperation.


February 4, 2007 at 8:47 pm
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