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Vice Presidential Debate Moderator, Gwen Ifill, Writing Pro-Obama Book

Now if this isn’t just plain peachy…

Gwen Ifill, the PBS reporter who’s show of disgust and disdain for Sarah Palin during her acceptance speech resulted in scores of complaints to PBS Ombudsman, Michael Getler, is moderating the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday. She’s also writing a pro-Obama book, “The Breakthrough,” scheduled for release on election day.

From WorldNetDaily:

Gwen Ifill, of the Public Broadcasting Service program called “Washington Week,” is promoting “The Breakthrough,” in which she argues the “Black political structure” of the civil rights movement is giving way to men and women who have benefited from those struggles over racial equality.

Ifill moderated the debate 4 years ago between John Edwards and Vice President Dick Cheney. It wasn’t pretty for Cheney, who also got treated with a bit of “attytood” by Ifill.

When cornered on her obvious looks of disgust while reporting on Palin from the convention, Ifill responded, “I assume there will always be critics and ( I ) just shut out the noise. It is surprisingly easy.

Again, WorldNetDaily reports:

Ifill, who also works with PBS’ “NewsHour,” is making preparations to moderate this week’s debate between the two candidates for vice president, and told that she thinks debates “are the best opportunity most voters have to see the candidates speaking to issues.”

She said she is concerned only about getting straight answers from candidates.

“You do your best to get candidates to answer your question. But I also trust the viewers to understand when questions are not answered and reach their own conclusions,” Ifill told BlackAmericaWeb.

“Four years ago, when neither John Edwards nor Dick Cheney proved capable of answering a question about the domestic epidemic of AIDS among African-American women, viewers flooded me with reaction,” she said.

She said she will make her own decisions about what questions to ask, and “the big questions matter.”

I guess the MSM already has this one in the bag for Biden…Sarah needs to be well versed on “African American” issues, among other things, if she wants to win this debate.

I can only begin to speculate on the lopsidedness of the questions that will be asked of the two candidates Thursday:

“Governor Palin, what do you think the U.S. government needs to do to quell the spread of AIDS in the lower grades in African American charter schools, and do you think that better school lunch programs will educate the children in a positive needle exchange program, or do we just give them bleach and how does this differ with the programs initiated in the Inuit community in your home state of Alaska? You have 30 seconds to respond.”

“Senator Biden…What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Take all the time you need, Senator.”

Read the entire WorldNetDaily article by clicking the link below:

VP debate moderator Ifill releasing pro-Obama book


I received this comment this morning. Feel free to bombard this woman with emails demanding they pull Gwen Ifill as moderator of this debate.

Blogger Wednesday’s Child said…I just emailed the Executive Commissioner for the debates and demanded they pull Ifill as moderator. Her name is Janet Brown, email address is or you can call and raise hell with the commission at 202-872-1020.

It’s time for another Boston Tea Party!

I’ve just sent the following email to Janet Brown…feel free to use it ias a basis for your own email to her:

Dear Ms. Brown.

I am writing to ask you to pull Gwen Ifill as moderator for the vice presidential debate.

Ms. Ifill has written a book touting the accomplishments of Barack Obama, scheduled to be released on election day. Having such a partisan person moderating a debate in what may just be the most important election in our country’s history is not only wrong, it’s akin to stacking the deck in favor of one candidate over another. It reeks of cheating.

Please do the right thing, in the spirit of fairness.

The world is watching, Ms. Brown. Bloggers are picking up on this story as I write this email…what will you do?


Bill Shaw

September 30, 2008 at 11:27 pm
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