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Re: McCain’s New Ads

Great, GREAT new ads! Put the blame for our economic 9/11 where it belongs – on the Democrats who demanded that banks lend to people who couldn’t afford it, and then spent years blocking any attempt to fix the problems before they boiled over into this financial nightmare!

And this disaster makes Obama’s entire economic plan a big pile of useless garbage. So when we’re in a recession, Obama’s going to punish big business? Are you kidding me? You want to cause a Depression? Then you kick businesses when they’re down, which is EXACTLY what Obama wants to do!

Obama’s taxes on “the rich” will almost certainly destroy a number of businesses, putting thousands if not millions of people out of work. But don’t worry – he’s going to steal enough money from the oil companies to give everyone in the middle class a $1000 tax cut. So, have fun with that tax cut when you’re unemployed and are waiting in lines for $10 a gallon gas because Obama has driven the oil companies to the brink of bankruptcy.

Obama, a socialist, is exactly what we DON’T need right now. McCain, who I opposed throughout the primaries as everyone knows, is apparently exactly what we DO need. Why? Because he’s a bipartisan reformer. He is probably one of the only people who can lead us out of this disaster.

September 30, 2008 at 5:34 pm
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