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Re: Clintons

I agree it is far fetched that Obama will replace Biden, but the Dems are so rabid, I wouldn’t count anything out.

This segment on The View with Clinton is awesome.  I think Joy Behar wants to cry, she’s so disappointed that Clinton actually LIKES McCain and gives him credit for actual accomplishments(unlike some other candidates we could name).  I know that this clip has been edited, but it does seem to me that in general, the Clintons are praising John McCain a lot more in public than Obama. 

And that might be because, as you said Alex, they are waiting for 2012 when they assume Hillary will be able to waltz to the presidency.  Oh, and that’s no matter who wins the race this year.

One thing in particular stood out for me in the clip, and that’s Clinton’s assessment a year ago to Baba Wawa that John McCain would be the Republican nominee because he was “the only one who would win.”  (Joy Behar’s cry of despair–“You mean the Republican nomination, right?” is priceless, BTW). Ironically, I’ve heard it said many times that in Obama, the Dems nominated the only candidate that could lose this year.

September 23, 2008 at 6:38 am
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