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Rookie Mistakes

This is really amazing!

I don’t believe it has ever happened before. Rasmussen reports that Obama’s poll numbers have actually dropped during his Party’s convention. So far, it seems, he is getting a negative bounce from the convention.

Read it here.

Already apologists and critics are trying to explain away this phenomenon. Some say it is because the Republicans are too mean and negative and that the Obamas are too nice to hit back. Some say it is those subversive Clintons wreaking their revenge for Obama’s choice of the Bloviator from Baja Pennsylvania as a running mate. But I think it’s simply because the Obamas and their cohorts simply are not yet ready to conduct a successful national campaign. They have gotten as far as they did because a lot of people in both parties are fed up with the traditional leadership and empty promises of “change” sufficed, but once you get past that simple rhetorical device there’s no “there” there.

So far their convention has been hijacked by the old Democrat interests. Day One was all Teddy and Michelle’s weak performance did nothing to offset the drama of his appearance. Tonight and tomorrow will be all Clinton, all the time. The Biden choice was in a way kowtowing to the old Congressional leadership that so many Democrats have rejected. Obama isn’t even in Denver. He and his people have been strangely passive and have not taken charge of anything. He’s banking everything on hitting the ball out of the park with his speech on the final day. Maybe he can pull it off, but I doubt it.

Carville says that Obama should have come out with guns a’blazing against McCain, but that’s not right. Instead Obama should have taken charge of the convention, kicked sand all over the Clintons, and shown that he really is the leader of the Party — the “strong horse”. Instead he looks weak and indecisive and passive — anything but a leader — and in the absence of strong leadership, people like Teddy and Hillary and especially Bill will move in to fill the void.

And there was something to note in Michelle’s speech too. It was simply something of an apology for all the rhetorical mistakes she and her hubby have made so far — an attempt to reassure voters that they are not exotic creatures. The problem with both of them is that they come out of an academic/activist base where sloppy thinking is the norm. In those parochial precincts it is quite normal to trash America,  its institutions and its leaders; to assume that the nation is badly in need of fundamental change, and to denigate the common man and woman. All too often the Obamas have projected those attitudes into the campaign and, while they play well on campus, in minority neighborhoods, and in artistic enclaves, they are actually offensive to the average voter. Now they find themselves late in the game trying to manufacture entirely new images for themselves, trying to make Americans forget what has gone before.

The spectacle of the Obamas apologizing for past errors, trying to gain control of a convention spinning out of control, and looking completely out of their depth is a wonder to behold. But then, they are rookies on the national scene. Who would have realistically expected anything else. No wonder they are plummeting in the polls.

August 26, 2008 at 2:46 pm
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