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Re: Pens vs. Flyers

Sorry, Alex, still celebrating the win. I was at the game, and that place went nuts when Hossa scored the game winner in overtime. But if you want trash talk, OK, here goes…

Your lucky streak is over, Filthadelphia! Sure, you’ve relied on a Pittsburgher, RJ Umberger, to carry you this far, but Umberger can’t save you now! Go ahead and cover Crosby, and Malkin, and Hossa all you want. We’ll get goals from Sykora, and Malone, and Dupuis. And Ruutu, and Staal, and Roberts. And of course Gonchar. What are you going to do, cover the whole team?? Biron’s going to have pucks coming at him from all angles; there’s no way he’ll be able to stop them all.

We all know the Pens are going to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals; the only question is, how many games is it going to take? If I had to guess, I’d say five games. Yep, I’m saying that your guys will manage to beat us… once. How’s that for charity?

Let’s Go Pens! Let’s Go Pens! Let’s Go Pens!

(Is that trashy enough talk for ya, Alex? Heh)

Seriously, though, this is really exciting! May the best team from PA win! (That’s the Pens, FYI)

May 4, 2008 at 9:00 pm
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