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Re: Flyers and Caps… and Penguins

The Capitals might be doing better if they didn’t totally lean on their one and only good player, Alex Ovechkin. He can’t do everything by himself.

One of the reasons why the Penguins did so well in Round 1 is that everybody on the team played well. The team scored 16 goals in their four games against the Senators, and those 16 goals were scored by 10 different Penguins. I constantly hear commentators talking like the Pens are nothing but Crosby, but they proved otherwise when Crosby was gone for a quarter of the season with his injury, and they continue to prove it in the playoffs.

Here are all of the Penguins players who had a goal in the Pens vs. Sens series:

1st Line: Sidney Crosby (2), Marian Hossa
2nd Line: Evgeni Malkin (2), Ryan Malone (2), Petr Sykora (3)
3rd Line: Jordan Staal, Jarkko Ruutu
4th Line: Max Talbot, Gary Roberts (2)
Defense: Sergei Gonchar

My favorite play of the series was Jarkko Ruutu’s goal in Game 4:

Anyway, it’s looking a lot like the Flyers are going to advance to Round 2. Their likely opponent is the Montreal Canadiens, but it’s also possible that they’ll play the Rangers or the Devils. Regardless of which teams they play in Round 2, if both the Pens and the Flyers advance beyond it, they’ll be playing against each other in the Eastern Conference Finals.

April 17, 2008 at 10:42 pm
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