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Rick Taylor & Willow Grove NAS
Vlahos vs Kerns
Defecting to the Dems

Rick Taylor & Willow Grove NAS

The final disposition of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station is a big topic of debate in Horsham Township, which is represented by Democrat Rick Taylor. State Rep Taylor is a big proponent of a redevelopment plan which would create something like nearly new buildings, a dozen new hangers as well as a projected quadrupling of vehicular and air traffic.

So much so that he’s going to local media stations trumpeting the plan.

… and the local Republicans are fighting back.

Taylor Not For Horsham

Vlahos vs Kerns

Leaders from around the county sent a letter out today in support of Bob Kerns for MCRC Chairman. 2/3rd of the Area Leaders as well as the Abington Twp Chair have signed on. Interestingly, the chair of Pottstown’s Republicans is also backing Kerns over “hometown” Jim Vlahos.

Of the five remaining area leaders, one is Vlahos and the other four are uncommitted.

Bill Shaw & Tony Phryllas also chime in.

Defecting to the Dems

Peggy Gibbons gets the story from Frances Pierce about her party changing.

Two other women well known in the hierarchy of the Montgomery County Republican organization have switched their party registrations from Republican to Democrat.

Wendy G. Rothstein, the former solicitor for the county GOP Committee, is now a Democrat.

Wanting to cast her vote in the Democratic presidential primary election, Rothstein said her registration switch is only temporary and she intends to re-register as a Republican after the April 22 primary election.

However, former Norristown GOP municipal chairwoman Frances V. Pierce’s registration as a Democrat is more permanent.

“Nothing disparaging against anyone or the party, but I just felt it was time,” said Pierce. “This is Francis taking care of Francis.”

Pierce denied her re-registration as a Democrat had anything to do with her failure last year to win the GOP endorsement for her re-election bid as county register of wills. She also denied that her party switch had anything to do with the fact that Norristown is now a Democratic municipality that is becoming more Democratic each year.

Bill Shaw has some questions, while Tony Phyrillas blames Ken Davis and asks the last GOPer in Montco to turn off the lights.

April 2, 2008 at 10:43 pm
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