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Re: Santorum Disses McCain


You are right that Romney has not dominated, but he has a first and two seconds and is still in pretty good shape. His best bet is consistency.  Nobody is dominant. Right now the big news is Thompson’s debate performance, yesterday it was McCain, before that Huckabee, before that Giuliani. The surges come and go, and Romney just keeps on keeping on. The media hates this, because they want to report people rising or falling. Slow and steady just isn’t sexy to them, but as you pointed out, it pays off in delegates.

Just watched the debate. Thompson had a good night, and will get a bounce of some sort, but it’s probably too late to take down Huck who is polling well in S. C.  McCain and Huck both looked bad at points, but did well enough that their lapses probably won’t move many voters. Giuliani and Romney didn’t hurt themselves nor help themselves much — both were looking elsewhere.

The point is that, unlike the Democrats, the Republican field is deep, deep, deep with really talented and experienced people any of whom would be plausible in the role of President. Nobody can dominate and different candidates will pull votes from different constituencies. Romney’s approach — be everyone’s second choice — is a plausible strategy for someone who needs to pull together a Republican coalition that is rapidly fragmenting. There are lots of Republicans who won’t accept Giuliani. Others who won’t accept McCain. Others won’t accept Huck, etc. But nearly everyone finds Romney acceptable even if he isn’t their first choice.

January 10, 2008 at 11:48 pm
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