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Biggest Winners of 2007

Biggest Winners of 2007

It’s that time of year again when Freindly Fire heaps praise upon those most deserving. You probably aren’t going to find these winners on the lists of the mainstream media, though, since all of them either smash political correctness—or survive because of it.

The Biggest Winner of 2007 goes to none other than Illegal Immigrants, all twenty million of them. Year after year, they continue to win everything. They are handed driver’s licenses, free education—in some cases all the way to college, and receive free first-rate health care. Most appallingly, their freedom exists because of our government’s non-existent efforts to deport them. Their presence has forced the closure of hospitals, taken jobs from American workers, depressed wages, and caused taxes to sharply increase. And let’s not forget that many illegals are voting in our elections. How’s that for irony—foreigners deciding American elections. And every time the illegals win, there is an even bigger loser. Us.

Joey Vento: Vento, owner of world renowned Geno’s Steaks in South Philadelphia, has enjoyed immense success as a self-made businessman (he started with six dollars and a prayer), and he relishes his role as an “ambassador” for Philadelphia. His generosity is legendary, from funding scholarships for the children of murder victims, to creating the Police and Fireman Path of Honor, to feeding six thousand Navy sailors on his own dime. And what is his reward from our City? A court date, because the geniuses at City Hall think that having a bumper sticker in your store window that reads, “This is America. When Ordering, Please Speak English” is discriminatory, even though not one patron has ever been turned away. Vento will win, of course, because he has the guts and stamina to fight. His hard-line positions on stopping the invasion of illegal immigrants and making English the official language of American have made him a folk hero all over the world.

Joey Vento knows only one language, English, and one nationality, American. We all know that City Hall is a roll short of a cheesesteak, so on behalf of all common sense Americans, Freindly Fire applauds Joey for his courageous fight—and for frying political correctness to a crisp.

Georges Perrier: Philadelphia’s other bookend restaurateur, Perrier is one of the founding fathers of Philadelphia’s business and cultural revival. His numerous restaurants draw lavish praise, including Le Bec Fin being named the best restaurant in country. In typical Philadelphia fashion, Perrier’s success was met with a City Council proposal to ban foie gras (duck liver), one of Perrier’s signature servings. Not one to roll over, Perrier lashed out, stating that “…the school system is in shambles. The violence…and murders in Philadelphia are the highest of any city in the United States. The city is filthy and dirty. There are homeless and beggars everywhere. Parking is a huge problem. What are the City Council members thinking who want to pass a ban on foie gras? For everything we (the business community) pay in taxes, what do we get for it? Absolutely nothing. And now they want to pass a law banning foie gras? Don’t they have anything better to do? Do your job!”

Thanks for having the “guts” to say it like it is, Chef!

Congressman Ron Paul: The more the mainstream media and the Republican establishment label this Presidential candidate a “kook” and “lunatic”, the more successful he becomes. While corporate fat cats shell out the big bucks to the candidates who will do their bidding, Paul has bested them all, defying every pundit and critic in the country. He has smashed one fundraising record after another and has raised a whopping $19 million dollars in the fourth quarter alone—from a staggering 130,000 donors. His message of personal responsibility, humble foreign policy (on which President Bush originally campaigned) and sound financial management has returned hope to millions who would otherwise stay home. Because of Paul, the Republican nomination will not be a cakewalk, which is exactly the kind of shakeup the Party needs to regain its direction.

Senator Larry Craig: It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not, or whether you think he was set-up or guilty. The reason Craig makes the Winners List is simple. By standing firm, he powerfully delivered a grade school civics lesson to all of the “leaders” in the Republican party who self-righteously demanded his resignation: this is still a government by the people.

There are only two entities that have the power to decide whether an elected official should be removed from office, and neither are the leadership of a political party. That decision is solely up to the people, and the representative himself. Period. When did the people of Idaho relinquish the power to choose their own Senator and give it to Republican leader Mitch McConnell? End of discussion.

Iowa and New Hampshire: Relatively small and insignificant, these two states win every four years. It’s too bad that not one presidential candidate says it like it is: New Hampshire and Iowa have far, far too much power. Why do we permit these states to largely dictate the choice of our next President? That won’t change, however, until leaders are willing to buck the system so that the rest of America gains the voice it deserves.

John Edwards: Just because he is making Hillary sweat—and because, ultimately, he will be the Democratic nominee.

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December 30, 2007 at 10:17 pm
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