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Padding Their Independence

Um, this is kind of dishonest.

But they’re Freshmen Democrats in the most ethical Congress in the history of Western Civilization, so I repeat myself.

Half a dozen freshman Democrats took to the House floor one late-October morning to cast their lot with Republicans.

Their actions went unpunished by the Democratic leadership that day, as they have on many other occasions in recent weeks. The symbolic gesture — casting nay votes on approving the House Journal, essentially the minutes of the previous day — would have no bearing on the leadership’s agenda.

While they overwhelmingly support that agenda, the bloc of freshmen has begun casting votes against such minor procedural motions in an effort, Democratic sources and Republican critics say, to demonstrate their independence from their leadership.

Pray tell, are any of these honest Democrats from Pennsylvania?

I’m glad you asked.

Chris Carney from the Northeast and Jason Altmire from the Pittsburgh area.

“I’m viewed as an independent. I’m viewed as a conservative Democrat,” said Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.), the first freshman to regularly oppose his party’s leadership on the journal vote.

Like several others, Altmire offered no explanation for voting against all but one of 18 roll calls on the routine measure, adding that he had no “pre-planned” rationale for the votes. “I’m certainly not going to win or lose my reelection based on my journal votes,” he said.

Surprisingly Patrick Murphy wasn’t listed.

At least he’s an honest liberal.

Tip to Jean-Paul, who pointed me to Paul Mirengoff @ Powerline who writes.

But it’s difficult to believe, in this political age, that “nay” Journal votes will convince constituents that these clowns are independent voters, not reliably liberal members. The ad that backs out the meaningless procedural votes and informs voters of the real extent to which a given member of this crew votes with Speaker Pelosi virtually writes itself. I’d call it “Liberal and Gutless.”


December 27, 2007 at 10:06 am
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