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Pointing of the Fingers

As expected, the finger pointing in the GOP began in earnest on Wednesday to explain the mixed bag of results in the countywide elections.

Ken Davis, the county Republican Committee chairman, suggested some of his party’s candidates may have had a false sense of comfort, and ”didn’t get the financial support or political guidance they needed to win.”


He singled out Bruce L. Castor Jr. for giving ”hollow” assurances to row office candidates that they would win on the strength of his campaign with running mate Jim Matthews.


”The Democrats can take all the credit they want and a win is a win,” Davis said. ”It’s unfortunate that these candidates didn’t have enough independent judgment to do what we told them to do back in April.”


Castor, the county’s district attorney, and Matthews finished first and third, respectively, in the race to maintain the GOP’s control of the Board of Commissioners.


”Bruce took credit for their endorsements,” Davis said. ”He basically told them throughout the campaign, ‘We’ll carry you and don’t worry, be happy.’ Bruce had [84,929] votes and didn’t have any coattails.”

November 8, 2007 at 10:14 am

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