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Gathering of Eagles

I don’t have the audio, but I understand this ad will start running in the Philly area shortly.

Last week, George Soros’ shadow political party, acting in concert with the New York Times, launched a despicable character assassination against one of our country’s most decorated and respected military leaders.


I’m Chris Hill, an Army Veteran and National Director of Operations for Gathering of Eagles. Our mission is to publicly confront these treacherous assaults on the integrity of our fighting men and women and expose the anti-American sources behind them.


Not only did this leftist faction call Gen. Petraeus a liar, but they arrogantly stated he betrayed the very country he has selflessly served for over 33 years. These outrageous attacks from the likes of, Code Pink, and ANSWER must not go unchallenged! An entire generation of patriots returning home from Viet Nam faced similar abuse and suffered the emotional scars for decades.


Please help us combat these hateful attacks on our military heroes by these well funded groups who wrap themselves in the bogus refrain, “we support the troops but not the war”.


Please contribute whatever you can at that’s to combat these lies and distortions. We will act as trusted custodians of your generous donations. Thank you.

For as deep as step in it, you think more Democrats would stand up and denounce their “fellow travellers”… instead we get silence or tacit approval.

This Saturday, September 29th there will be a “counter”-protest in West Chester, at the Chester County Courthouse (High & Market Sts) from 11am to 3pm.

Update: Some more info from Rich Davis.

I have been conducting a one-man counter-protest against 2 groups that come to West Chester every Saturday to protest against Bush and the War. They protest unopposed with the most vile, mean-spirited signs, such as “Illegal War, Send the Twins, Arrest Cheney First, Troops die for Halliburton, Impeach Bush, etc etc.


But I stand alone and counter them with my signs:


I’ve done this 3 times now, mostly by myself. But this coming weekend (Sat Sept 29) will be different.


This weekend, I am expecting some help. Members of Rolling Thunder, the Gathering of Eagles, and Patriot Guard Riders are expected to show up.


Please know that every person matters. It’s individuals that make the difference. I will be happy to accept email and phone calls from anyone who is interested.


In addition, I request help from the Chester County Republicans and Young Republican of Philadelphia. If you have friends in those groups, please let them know that their help would mean the world.


I am planning on meeting with the Mayor of West Chester (Dick Yoder) and writing an email to the local newspaper (Daily Local) later this week to tell them that a Counter-Protest will occur.


FYI – these 2 Anti-Bush, Anti-War groups are relentless, they come every weekend, they are well-organized. However, I have a plan that I think will work, and it involves turning public opinion against them. It will have a greater chance to work if people will take some time to show up and stand with us.

September 23, 2007 at 1:29 pm
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