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Fake Driver’s Licenses for voting, or just for profit?

Apparently, there is villainy afooot.

Thieves targeted equipment for producing state drivers’ licenses in what state police say was a sophisticated burglary of the PennDOT Photo and Exam Center in the Hanover Industrial Estates Tuesday night.She labeled the incident “sophisticated” because whoever did it had to be familiar with the building’s layout and security system, and was aware of what computer equipment was important.“Whoever did this definitely knew what they were doing,” Brogan said.The perpetrators also did not attempt to take any money from the center.


Fake drivers’ licenses are desirable to people who want to hide their real identities, or to those who are not eligible for legitimate drivers’ licenses.


State police notified the FBI, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Harrisburg and Gov. Ed Rendell’s office about the incident.

I’m intrigued at what sort of alarm system was used since it was so easily thwarted. And since they have alerted the FBI, I wonder if the USCIS (INS) or Homeland Security will be alerted? Hazelton township officials should be wary of this.

November 30, 2006 at 1:18 pm
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