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Gun Show Boycott

If you can’t sell or display “assault rifles” (an invented non-sensicle term, btw) and high capacity magazines at sports and outdoors show, and now people are actively boycotting it, what do you have left?

A couple of kayaks and some hiking boots I think.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, hosts of “The Crush” hunting and outdoor show, said they won’t attend next month’s event at the state Farm Show Complex because its organizers have banned the sale and display of assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

In a statement, Lee Lakosky said it was a “hard decision” for him and his wife to boycott the Harrisburg show, “but we can’t support a show that doesn’t completely support the Second Amendment.”

Outdoor sporting gear retailing giant Cabela’s Inc. and other smaller firms also have announced they won’t participate in next month’s show because of the ban by its organizers.

Strangely enough the largest outdoors show in the Northeast didn’t have a problem with those sales last year. Suddenly they found Jesus?

January 21, 2013 at 9:29 pm
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  • January 24, 2013 at 9:53 pmJustin

    First and foremost I am a gun owner. I feel that the all or nothing rhetoric from the Right on boycotting the Outdoor’s Show is selfish and immature. I have attended the show many time, not yearly but often. I also worked in food service at the time. By not having the show, the mid-state loses out on much needed revenue. I know that those 10 days covered my rent many a year. Beyond our own needs, What about the guides and hunting lodges from out west that book a large percentage of their annual income through the Show. These hard scrabble men and women are the true sports people. With such a short notice, will these folks lose their airfare and other expenses. This sound like little kids in a sand box saying,”I’m taking my ball and going home.” If one wants and assault style weapon, they are going to find one Sportsman’s Show or not…Grow up and think about your neighbors and that big game gun sale you just lost…

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