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Good Riddance Dave Levdansky

I’ve been meaning to blog about the rematch of Rick Saccone and Dave Levdansky in the 39th House District, but I haven’t had a lot of time. Also, around 10:00 last Tuesday night my soul was replaced by a gaping black void that sucked away my very will to exist. So you could say I mostly haven’t given a **** about anything except somehow forming my own breakaway republic. I’m calling it Fredistan. Email me a resume if you’re interested.

Anyhow, some of you may remember that I blogged extensively about Rick Saccone’s challenge to 13-term State Representative Dave Levdansky. In a nutshell, Levdansky managed to accomplish several feats during his tenure in the House. He established a pro-choice, pro-tax, anti-gun voting record in Harrisburg while convincing everyone back home in the Mon Valley that he was an A-OK Blue Collar Democrat Working Man of the People who Understood the Plight of the Little Guy. Dave has never had an actual job in the private sector, incidentally. Not only did he pull that off for 26 years, he managed to earn a reputation as a petulant classless bully while remaining an unremarkable back-bencher for almost his entire career in the House!.

In 2010, all of that came to an end when Rick Saccone, an actual conservative who has had numerous real jobs, beat him by 151 votes. Once the shock wore off, Dave attempted to get a real job, but had about as much success with that as he did on Election Day. Fortunately for Dave, he had a nice big fat taxpayer-funded pension to live off of so, you know, no pressure. Then, when the redistricting of the Pennsylvania Legislature was thrown out by the court (cue choirs of angels) he decided that that he’d learned his lesson and wanted another shot at his old house seat! HALLELUJAH!

Now, to be sure, we thought Rick was toast this time around. And by “we” I mean “every single human being who had even a passing familiarity with Pennsylvania politics”. True to form, Levdansky backed a challenger against Rick in the primary and engaged in a plethora of dirty tactics during the general election, even going so far as to drag Rick’s son through the mud in an attempt to smear Rick.

Election night 2012 came and went with no clear winner, but by Wednesday morning Rick had an unofficial lead of 36 votes. It has been a tense week, but the final recount concluded this evening and Rick is the confirmed winner with 114 votes. In a presidential election year. With Obama on the top of the ticket. In a 2:1 Democrat district. In the Mon Valley.

So the fat lady has finally sung for Dave Levdansky–a walking, talking, strutting, smirking argument for term limits. Good riddance, Dave Levdansky. Nobody will miss you.

November 13, 2012 at 8:46 pm
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