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Romney to Pittsburgh on Tues!

Final final GOTV effort.

According to multiple reports, Mitt Romney has scheduled an election day visit to Pittsburgh.

It’s a curious move by the Romney campaign, which will now literally be working until the last possible day to win Pennsylvania. An election day stump could weaken the get out the vote effort for Romney on election day. A large rally would likely mean pulling significant resources from polling places.

Let’s hope it goes better than yesterday’s Mittstock Rally in Yardley, where the Pennsylvania Progressive, John Morgan had the worst time evah(tm).

I had a ticket but couldn’t get to it on time. I had dressed as warmly as I could preparing for the outside venue (long underwear, thick socks, sweater, heavy coat) but many folks tried to leave because of the cold and Romney staffers prevented them. They began Tweeting that their kids were getting frostbite and they weren’t being allowed to leave. Attendees had to start sneaking out to get warm. This was a fiasco.

Fiasco for the Democrats, who were totally caught off-guard by the GOP surging in PA. Crazy, I know.

“Pencilvania” had a much, much better time, Freezin for a Reason.

Finally, Corbett got the signal, an engaging video about the Romneys played on the large screens, and at the end the bus pulled right up to the stage and the crowd went wild. Mrs. Romney graciously thanked everyone for waiting in the cold – it was now after 7 – and reiterated her promise that Mitt “will – not – fail!” and introduced her husband. Mitt rolled out his upbeat, enthusiastic vision, constantly punctuated by cheers – I’m sure you’ve all heard clips from it in the last few days: “he makes excuses – I’ve got a plan” – “on January 20th I won’t just take office, I’ll take responsibility.” There is not a drop of hesitation in the man.

Mitt concluded by talking about the terminally ill young boy whom he helped in making out a will, and the audience calmed to a hush. He said the boy really loved the fireworks on Independence Day and hoped to see them, but was afraid he might not make it till the Fourth. Mitt attempted to get the town to do an early fireworks display, but town ordinances prevented it. “So you know what we did? We drove him up to Maine. Because Maine didn’t have those laws, so he and his family got to enjoy those fireworks after all!” The crowd erupted.

November 5, 2012 at 3:39 pm
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