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The Slow Slog Towards Privatizing the LCB

I dream that some day I will be able to buy whatever booze I want in the Commonwealth without having to get ANY INPUT WHATSOEVER from any bureaucrats in Harrisburg. Privatization, while not exactly alive and kicking, isn’t dead yet so sayeth Governor Corbett.

LCB nears privatization with Corbett’s nominees

Gov. Tom Corbett’s moves to reshape the Liquor Control Board could inch the state a step closer to private liquor stores and spell the end of Joe Conti’s $156,700-a-year position as CEO.

156K? Please God, make it stop.

Corbett, who favors privatization of the state-owned liquor system, soon could have two appointees on the three-member board if the Senate approves his latest nominee, Philadelphia lawyer Kenneth Trujillo, to a four-year term. Corbett appointed Joseph E. “Skip” Brion as chairman last year.

The Senate must confirm Trujillo by a two-thirds vote, which Corbett hopes will occur before the end of the session this month.

Senate Republican spokesman Erik Arneson said the chamber might consider Trujillo’s nomination when lawmakers return on Oct. 15.

Trujillo will replace privatization opponent Patrick Stapleton, whose term ended in May but who continued to serve until Corbett nominated a replacement. Stapleton on Thursday gave official notification of his departure. The other board member, Robert Marcus, and Stapleton opposed privatization.

It’s a good thing this is in the hands of the PA Senate. They would never **** up something like this.

Free political advice for Tom Corbett: Do you want to do something that will have broad bipartisan appeal, energize the Republican base, and allow you pimp-slap Rob McCord all the way back to Montgomery County in 2014? Make this happen.

And a note to the people on my side of the aisle who whine incessantly about Tom Corbett and/or want to primary him in two years: Are you high? Seriously. Think about this. Would Ed Rendell ever have considered doing something like this? Bob Casey? ANY Democrat? We all wish Corbett could and would do more, but never forget that he is doing more than any Democrat would do. In politics, it’s not where the ball is but in which direction it is moving.

October 6, 2012 at 8:50 pm
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  • October 10, 2012 at 3:18 amTR Sterling

    What was Diana Irey-Vaughan’s position on this? She could use a little help from the Governor and this issue could be something? Why isn’t the Gov. out there with some good news for shale production and the prospect of a Republican Treasurer who does not want to increase PA debt as McCord does with his plans to float more bonds and spend the taxes he is supposed to invest wisely?

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