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Smith! Raja! Rick!

Yesterday was a Day of Restoration of Karmic Balance. Lots of people who deserved to win won, and lots of people who deserved to lose lost.

After Governor Corbett’s arm-twisting to get the Republican State Committee to endorse Steve Welch for US Senate, Tom Smith beat the crap out of him. Even Sam Rohrer beat him which has got to make the Tea Party and other assorted conservative groups happy. The best part is that if Tom Smith has the money, which I think he does, he can make this a real race for Bob Casey. I am personally looking forward to Tom Smith, guy who employs coal miners, debating energy policy with Bob Casey, guy who uses coal miners for political props. I’d hold the debate on the eastern side of the state in Coaldale and hold the one out west in Coal Center. There are any number of formerly operating coal-fired power plants that might serve as suitable venues as well.

The most delightful race of the evening was D. Raja’s curb-stomping of Mark Mustio. More on that here. I spoke to someone from Raja’s campaign who wondered if Mustio had imploded too late to affect the outcome of the race. No. No he did not. As an aside, the person in this race who will not get the credit she deserves is Sue Means. Sue is a true principled conservative who ran a squeaky clean campaign, and it’s nice to see that the voters recognized that. Although Sue didn’t win the Senate seat, she did win her Delegate race handily–she had more than double the number of votes of the guy who came in second.

Rick Saccone won his primary against Shauna D’Alessandro by a 63-37 margin, once again proving that the Post-Gazette’s endorsement is the kiss of death for Republicans. Incidentally, only in the P-G’s world can someone recruited by the House Democrats, funded by Elsie Hillman, and who has a penchant for tax increases be described as “principled”.

Take a victory lap, guys. November’s just around the corner.

April 25, 2012 at 8:44 pm
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  • April 30, 2012 at 8:37 amDebbie

    You never cease to amaze me! Negativity wins the race. You can hide behind the packs but we all know who leads the charge on the negative campaigning. You didn’t need to look hard to see what rocks their supporters crawled out from under! Enjoy your victory as I’m sure it will be short lived!!!!

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