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Settling on Romney?

The Hawkeye Cauci shouldn’t mean anything, though certain folks would have us believe that it does.  I don’t know who’s going to win, and I don’t especially care.  A very small part of me wants Ron Paul to win so that the rest of us can finally stop pretending that this ridiculous spectacle matters in the slightest.  Regardless of who actually comes out on top, the likely effect is that some of the second tier candidates will terminate their campaigns.

I hope Rick Perry doesn’t drop out after losing Iowa.  If there was ever a time for politician to ignore conventional wisdom, this is it. Hey Rick — remember Tim Pawlenty? Just imagine if he had summoned the intestinal fortitude to stick it out a little longer. Dude could be doing victory laps around Des Moines right now. Buck up, bro.

But like any candidate, I don’t really expect Team Perry to listen to me. They never do. So I’m gradually resigning myself to a Romney nomination.

Yes, Romney is a flawed candidate. A very flawed candidate. But, aside from the ever-dimmer torch I carry for Perry, he’s the least flawed candidate. His big no-no, healthcare? Newt is just as bad, having supported a federal mandate as recently as 2011, among his many other flaws. Bachmann went totally nutso on vaccination, taking a legitimate point against Perry and going all Jenny McCarthy with it.  Santorum… that’s another blog post unto itself.

There comes a point where “anybody but [x]” really doesn’t mean just anybody.  In 2008 I had a decent case of McCain derangement syndrome, but eventually suppressed it.  McCain was my fourth choice (-behind Fred Thompson, Romney, Giuliani), but he was still better than Huckabee and some of the other stragglers.

And so it is with Romney.  I prefer him to everybody except Perry, who I fear will drop out sooner rather than later.

January 2, 2012 at 10:22 pm
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