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Tastykake: What the hell is wrong???

First it was the Tastyklair Pies.

Which you ruined.

Now it’s the Cream Filled Buttercream Cupcakes.

This may be a one-off mistake. But you know, in 30+ years of eating these things, I’ve never had it happen. It’s literally a single stripe of chocolate… and the machines make thousands of these per day, in a line, single file, with a little nozzle tip drawing the line… and yet this pair of cupcakes are bare?

See the box? It supposed to look like that.

There are more out there in boxes, delivering disappointment to Philadelphians and former ones all over the country.

It’s not like this is a Hostess cupcake with the chocolate swirlies. It’s a line for Pete’s sake.

I didn’t have very high hopes when the company was aquired by a Georgia-based baker… in a perverse way it’s good to know I was right.

C’mon. Prove me wrong.

How does this even get out the door?! Gah. These are the cupcakes that go out the backdoor for families and friends… not the ones I have pay for.

October 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm
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