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Too Much Time on Their Hands

This is truly one of the most asinine things I have seen come out of the State Legislature in a while. Let that sink in for a second.

OK? Good.

Kortz and Gergely Encourage School Districts to Sue Corbett

State Reps. Bill Kortz (D- Allegheny) and Rep. Marc Gergely (D-Allegheny) are encouraging school districts that have been hurt by the nearly $1 billion reduction in education spending to join together in a class action suit against Gov. Tom Corbett to get funding increased.

Kortz and Gergely are visiting school boards throughout their areas encouraging them to join in the class action lawsuit. According to Kortz, the South Allegheny school board already has approved a resolution to join in any such suit.

So our state is in a financial black hole, unemployment is sky-high, and we need desperately to attract jobs, and two of our state reps are pandering to their local school boards to get them to join a lawsuit that will both cost a fortune and go nowhere. Lovely.

Of course, if you listen to the pro-tax crowd, they’ll tell you that “the people” have turned on Gov. Corbett and the Republicans’ “draconian” budget cuts. And Moms, too–Moms especially hate mean old Tom and his mean old fiscal conservatism. Because it’s For The Kids.

Or not.

Thanks to a boost in popularity among women voters in the state, Gov. Tom Corbett is receiving a positive job approval rating, according to a poll released Thursday morning.

The Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters shows the governor is receiving a 50-32 percent approval rating, his best score so far.

Women give Mr. Corbett a 45-34 percent approval, a turnaround from an Aug. 3 survey in which 37 percent disapproved and 41 percent approved. Men approve 55-30 percent, compared to 51-31 percent in the previous poll.

Maybe that whole idea of the consent of the governed is finally catching on. Too bad Marc Gergely and Bill Kortz can’t recognize it.

September 29, 2011 at 7:46 pm
  • September 30, 2011 at 6:45 amMr. Singer

    There are plenty of asinine things coming out of the state legislature. THIS is not one of them.

    It is unfair to take away more state funding from poor districts than rich districts. That’s what the GOP budget did. Compare Steel Valley School District, for example, to Upper St. Clair. SV lost $699 per student while USC lost $79 per student. That’s discriminatory. The state could have reduced education funding by exactly the same amount – $900 million – and made the cuts in a fair manner. It didn’t.

    Secondly, who said anything about taxes? No one suggested taxes be raised to increase education funding. Not ever. What was suggested was that legislators budget more intelligently. They could have used more than $800 million in surplus money to alleviate budget cuts. They could have reduced more than $1 billion in additional prison spending. They could have cut a new more than $1 billion business loan program that is nothing more than the governor’s personal WAM fund. THIS is what they could have done instead of robbing the poor to pay the rich.

    Finally, this same lawsuit was put forward in New Jersey last year and the schools won. What Republicans have done is unfair and unconstitutional. This isn’t a waste of time by Kortz and Gergely. This is just what lawmakers should be doing – standing up for the oppressed.

  • October 1, 2011 at 12:51 amrobert hendrickson

    Hey Mr Singer, Ed Rendell wanted to increase the Inc tax to3.6 2 years ago.He also increased. Educational spending by 4 to 5 billion that’s billion over his 8 years in office. Governor Corbett recommended that school districts freeze teachers and administrators pay for 1 or 2 years, only 14 % did so. We are spending 10 billion a year now on education with the same. results. Our income tax was 2.8 before slick Eddie. You will not here these twostate reps mention any of this.Where did Oprah build her school and more importantly WHY did she build it there and not in Chicago?

  • October 2, 2011 at 10:13 pmJohn Lewandowski

    “They could have reduced more than $1 billion in additional prison spending.”

    But then where would your students go after they graduate? Surely you’re not suggesting that they get jobs. That would be a “far right wing” thing to do.

    “standing up for the oppressed.”

    “Oppressed”, *snort*

    You crazy libs need to get over yourselves. It would be nice if you would stop filling the minds of students with complete nonsense, too.

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