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Photo ID for Voting

Outrageous: Asking poor people for photo id when they come to vote.
Not Outrageous: Asking poor people for photo id when they come for help.

As the press has reported, thousands of poor and low-income residents in Philadelphia are lining up to get supplemental food stamps to compensate for damages from Hurricane Irene last month. Theoretically, water damage from the storm may have destroyed food already purchased with food stamps. So, the government will give folks some extra food stamps to make up for the loss.

But, to get the benefits, in addition to proving storm damage, recipients will have to show a photo ID and prove they are residents of Philadelphia. In fact, in the application for benefits posted above, it is the FIRST requirement. Neither of which they have to do to vote.

Get ready for some leftist outrage. The food stamp program is designed exclusively for low income and poor people. No one else is intended to benefit. When debating Voter ID laws, which Pennsylvania refuses to adopt, we’re told endlessly that some large number of the low income and poor don’t have photo IDs. Such a requirement, we are told will ‘disenfranchise’ them. Is the government ‘dis-food-stamping’ them now?

September 28, 2011 at 1:08 pm
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