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Dueling Banjos…I mean Press Conferences

Last night was the dueling press conferences on the debt ceiling debate.  I didn’t watch the actual press conferences, I watched the analysis. I skipped the actual press conferences for a few reasons – 1. I kind of figured what they were going to say.  2.  I don’t enjoy watching Obama speak – it’s rather painful for me.  3.  I didn’t feel like getting upset.

The analysis this morning was very revealing to me.  Good Morning America used about 2-3 minutes to cover the story.  They gave equal time to Obama and Boehner.  That’s not a good sign for Obama.  The highlight reel explains why – it showed Obama blaming House Republicans.  Wow, not good for Obama.

Maybe this is the full culmination of Obama’s campaign theme – Hope and Change.  Let me explain.  Obama is Hoping that the American people buy his rhetoric that it’s someone else’s fault yet again and that they he is innocent.  There’s Change coming alright – change in the way of a downgrading in America’s credit rating.

I’ve seen several articles written on Obama’s leadership style (or lack of one).  Someone wrote about Obama leading from behind.  I can’t fault Mr. Obama though, he’s not even on the first rung of the leadership ladder.  The first rung is self-love.  If you can’t love yourself, how are you supposed to love others.  It’s painfully obvious that Mr. Obama has serious self-love issues.  From my observation, he has self-loathing issues.  Above self-love is self-respect.  Above that is self-leadership and lastly, formal leadership.  We’ve got a long way to go with Mr. Obama on this ladder.  Aren’t we all fortunate enough to be a part of his (hopefully, only) four year therapy session?

I think recent events have shown that Mr. Obama has missed his true calling.  I don’t believe he was called to elected office, but something close to that – he’s in the right neighborhood, just at the wrong house.  I think he was called to be a campaign strategist, advisor, and consultant.  He knows how to campaign, I’ll give him that.  But he’s a crappy leader.

July 26, 2011 at 7:34 am
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