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The Bell Tolls for the State Stores


Lawmakers are expected to begin debating in earnest whether to sell state liquor stores next week, when House Majority Leader Mike Turzai expects to file legislation ending Pennsylvania’s monopoly.Turzai’s bill would scrap Pennsylvania’s 644 state-owned liquor stores and its wholesale operation. The bill would overhaul state taxes on liquor. It is expected to expand the number of outlets and offer them at auction.

Thank you God and thank you Mike Turzai.
And really, spare me the crying about how this will increase underage drinking, destroy our communities, etc.  There are 49 states with privatized liquor, and they are not dens of sin.  Somehow, I think we’ll survive.  Also spare me any whining about how this will eliminate jobs.  Good.  They’re government jobs and they need to be eliminated.  In fact, maybe the really good employees can get a job at one of the new privatized liquor stores and the ones who stink can do something else.
July 7, 2011 at 7:34 pm
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