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SEPTA Funding

Those racists at Philly’s transit agency have had their hand slapped and must continue to provide transfers at $0.60 a piece.

A temporary order forcing SEPTA to keep accepting transfers remains in effect following a hearing Monday. A judge said he wants to see final briefs by Thursday afternoon.


SEPTA said it will keep issuing transfers until further notice.


SEPTA originally planned to toss all $.60 transfers beginning August 1, forcing riders to pay full fare every time they change trains or buses. The city solicitor said the move would amount to a fare increase between 37 and 80 percent for 63,000 riders.

Racists? But why?

SEPTA is arguing that they need to eliminate transfers to qualify for millions of dollars in state funding so they can modernize their system.


“That just doesn’t make sense to me that you would say that we don’t have a fare card system ready to roll out to the people of Philadelphia and to the region, but were just going to eliminate that transfer that we know that tens of thousands of Philadelphians and school children use each and every day. And we have no alternative but to make them pick up the economic slack,” said city solicitor, Romy Diaz.


But a lawyer for the city is accusing SEPTA of racial discrimination. The judge took issue with that, saying there was no evidence that SEPTA meant to discriminate.

I don’t quite understand the argument. “Poor people are of a different race that the SEPTA board.”


August 6, 2007 at 9:29 pm
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