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PA 10 Update

My buddy Gort has heard a rumor that Joe Peters is seriously considering running against Chris Carney. With Dave out I think Joe Peters a fellow King’s graduate is not my horse in this race. So look for him to drop out soon.

Also a comment contains a possible GOP primary field.

I am hearing that a 3-way primary is likely:
1. Joe Peters (R-Drug Czar)
2. Dan Meuser (R-Hillary Clinton)
3. Chris Hackett (R-Bona Fide Conservative)

I hear Madeira is out in favor of Hackett, who is the one real conservative in the race.Peters has the credentials, the name ID, and the political experience .Meuser has the most money and DC connections, but likes to give money to Democrats occasionally. Sounds like an entertaining primary that will set up the winner for a battle royale with Carney in the Fall.

I do not know if Dave is supporting Hackett or anything else about this guy. If he is this Hackett we have some problems, for it seems he has a close relations with Democratic Commissioner Greg Skrepenak.

If this guy is a bona fide conservative I doubt he would be participating in “pay to play” with Skrep, so he is not a true conservative or we have the wrong Hackett, for it is a somewhat common name. So considering Meuser’s admiration for certain liberals and perhaps an unethical Hackett, I am convinced Joe Peters is the best choice.

July 31, 2007 at 1:53 am
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