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re: Obama 51/44 In Pa

It’s frustrating, but not especially surprising that Obama would be over 50% job approval in Pennsylvania right now.

1- For reasons mysterious to me, people seem to like him “personally” even if as you poll just about every issue stance he takes the majority prefers the opposite position.  This is going to be a major source of frustration for whichever Republican candidate we end up nominating.  How do you make the guy unlikable without attacking him personally?  What could possibly top Jeremiah Wright and all the stuff that came to light in the 2008 campaign??

2 – The election has passed, and we’re no longer spending a gazillion dollars a day to remind voters what a lousy job he’s been doing and the sorts of nonsense policies he advocates.

3- Egypt. There’s not a good way to criticize Obama on Egypt without looking petty.  I haven’t said anything about it because it’s a tough situation.  And although it’s obvious that Obama was caught flat-footed on this, it’s unclear to me what he could have done had he seen it coming, other than maybe keep his mouth shut more than he did.  The only obviously bad thing I can say is that Obama was more supportive of those protesting against our nominal ally in Mubarak than he was supportive of Iranian dissidents protesting a lunatic apocalyptic almost-nuclear theocratic enemy regime that nobody would really mind toppling.  But that’s more of a criticism against past-Obama than present-Obama.

4- With a Republican House of Representatives, the Democrats no longer own 100% of the outcome, and Obama has a foil to work against.  You know, other than capitalism and the American way.

February 17, 2011 at 10:47 pm
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