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Sestak For Gov

Well, I guess you can never be too early.

Sporting his trademark Navy bomber jacket, Sestak received a hero’s welcome from the committee when he dropped by their most recent meeting on Saturday (video below).

“Why did we ever shut him out?” PoliticsPA overheard one committee member asking. “We hurt ourselves in the long run.”

The change of tune by Democratic committee members is only half the story. All of a sudden, Sestak is actively seeking the favor of folks he dismissed a year ago.

“This is an insider group here . . . and you saw the machinations of the insiders,” Sestak said at the time. “The people are fed up with deal-making. They want a change.”

Now Sestak looks right at home, meeting and greeting those same insiders with ease. His 67-county “thank you” tour” tour took him almost exclusively to local Democratic committees. And the Admiral has openly talked about a future in public service.

Sestak for Governor?

Rumors naturally abound any time 400 politicos gather in one building. However, one persistent idea that PoliticsPA heard from several sources, was that Sestak is considering a run for Governor in 2014.

I guess at this point his campaign is “I’m not Tom Corbett.”

February 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm
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