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2012 Contenders

Let me be one of the first commentators here on PAwatercooler to make some comments regarding the 2012 Republican Presidential contenders.   My comments can be summarized as follows:

“Really, is this the best we’ve got? No seriously, that’s it?”

2012 Live has a good run down of who all the supposed candidates are at this point – including some who are just potentials.

Now let me clarify, there are a few folks that I think would be excellent candidates and some who I think would actually do a good job too.  Those are few and far between, and unfortunately the few that exist would probably never run because they don’t want to ruin their life.

Here’s my list of people that I like and could actually be happy voting for in no particular order:

– Paul Ryan – The guy has ideas, plain and simple.  The one of the few GOP Members of Congress that has ideas and can speak coherently on them, doesn’t sound like a fringe candidate and has been moving his way up through the ranks slowly but surely – a good trait because it shows persistance.

– Chris Christie – maybe a bit too soon.  He hasn’t been in office as Gov. of NJ for very long, but so far he seems to be pretty good.  He sticks to fiscal issues.

– Mitch Daniels – The Gov. of Indiana is a fiscal guy as well.  He’s got a good deal of experience as various levels of government and knows how to get things done.  BTW, I love the fact that he was willing to admit that he skipped watching the State of the Union and instead read the text.  I’ve never found any State of the Union to be that enjoyable – they usually tick me off with the ever growing list of government programs that supposedly need to be added to save civilization from itself.  I haven’t watched it for a several years now.

– John Kasich – The Gov. of Ohio.  He’s a fiscal guy in an important swing state.  He’s got a good depth of experience.  He’s also an idea guy.

– Donald Trump.  This may be a surprise for some of you that I like him.  I do.  Will he run – who knows.  He’s got plenty of money that’s for sure.  I can already hear the criticism about him though.  The thing about Trump though is he’s got vision, leadership abilities, sticks to fiscal matters, tells it like it is (honesty), actually understands international matters since he’s been doing business internationally for a long time.  At first when I heard that he was considering running, I brushed it off.  Then I heard him speak about our relationship internationally and he made alot of sense.

The commonality for my ideal candidate is someone who has experience enough to fix the mess we’re in – not just play around with theories, who sticks to fiscal issues and away from social issues, and is someone who has leadership abilities.  Republicans need to get away, far away from candidates who are personalities and nothing else.  We have a great deal of candidates who draw support not because of what they stand for, but because of who they are.  McCain was one of these candidates – that worked out well didn’t it?  I, for one, am sick of the “cult of personality” candidates that has infected the GOP for some time now.  Unfortunately, I think the GOP will probably make the same mistake given who the current crop of committed candidates are.  I don’t believe that it bodes well for the country to have the “cult of personality” candidates as what we consider the norm in candidates from now on.

Having personality is important, given the visual age we are in.  But also having real ideas, vision, leadership abilities, goals and a plan to reach them, among other traits is vital too.  I want my president to be the best of the best, is that too much to ask for?

January 31, 2011 at 6:26 am
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