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Montco: Matthews Cries ‘Uncle’

In an interview Tuesday, Matthews said he would call it quits at the end of this year unless the county GOP opted to draft him for their 2011 ticket – a prospect even he conceded looked increasingly small.

The decision reverses his earlier vows promising a bid for a fourth term with or without party support just to stymie the election chances of his avowed political enemy fellow Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr.

“I have a great legacy,” Matthews said. “I’m satisfied with my 12 years in office. I’m not going to taint that with an independent run.”

In other words, he wouldn’t taint it with a handy defeat at the hands of the county’s Republican committee.

As recently as Monday, Matthews told several media outlets that he would run in the primary solely to frustrate Castor’s chances of taking over the county board.

Later that evening, though, he had changed his mind. Driving to Harrisburg to participate in Gov. Tom Corbett’s inauguration ceremonies, he started to think of the message such a move would send to Republicans across the state, he said.

“I’m thinking, ‘I’m going up here to meet hundreds of people I know who respect me at the state level, and here I am talking about running against my own party,’ ” he said. “That’s not me. That’s not Jim Matthews.”


That leaves the current GOP candidates as the incumbent Bruce Castor, State Rep Kate Harper, Jury Commissioner Marie Cavanauh, Plymouth Twp Commissioner Nick Salamone, and Lower Merion Commissioners Jill Govberg and Jenny Brown.

Realisitically it’s a contest between the five for Castor’s running mate.

update: Whoops! Forgot Marie Cavanaugh.

January 18, 2011 at 10:28 pm
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  • January 19, 2011 at 7:18 amLisaMossie

    Five: Marie Cavanaugh.

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