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The Return of the Guys in White Hats

Most of you do not know Matt Blackburn. He is one of those people in politics who doesn’t get much public recognition, but he’s one of those people who makes it all happen. Maybe he gets things done precisely because he doesn’t spend much time in the public eye. It’s hard to get down to business when the cameras are rolling and the opposition is splicing together sound bites.

Anyhow, Matt was Pat Toomey’s grassroots director for Western PA when he ran against Specter in 2004. By the time it was all said and done Matt had amassed an army of thousands of us knocking on doors, dropping literature, making phone calls, and doing whatever it took to get Pat’s message out. If you live west of the Alleghenies and voted for Pat in ’04, Matt probably had something to do with it.

As they say, elections have consequences. Certainly they make a difference in who’s in office, but the larger impact is the number of people like Matt who get into positions to make things happen.

Senator-Elect Pat Toomey announced a number of key hires for his Pennsylvania Senate offices, including, State Director, Deputy State Director, Western PA Director, Eastern PA Director, Regional Manager for the Lehigh Valley, Regional Manager for Northwest Pennsylvania, and Regional Manager for Southeast Pennsylvania.


Matt Blackburn – Western Pennsylvania Director. A native of Erie, PA, Mr. Blackburn has many years of experience working in the legislative, policy, and political arena. Mr. Blackburn started his career as a Legislative Assistant for then-Congressman Toomey in 2003 and went on to join the Congressman’s 2004 Senate campaign as the Director of Grassroots for Western and Central Pennsylvania. He continued to gain legislative and policy experience as a Legislative Assistant for Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) and as the Government Affairs Director for Express Search, Inc., a patent research company. Most recently, Mr. Blackburn served as the Policy Director for Senator-Elect Toomey’s 2010 campaign, overseeing all research and policy issues. Mr. Blackburn received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Gannon University in Erie, PA.

I believe that the 2010 elections weren’t so much about the deficit, spending, Obama, and the Tea Party. I think they were about something broader–returning responsible people to positions of power who want to govern in the best interest of the Republic. The guys in white hats, so to speak. Matt Blackburn is one of those guys.

Congratulations, Matt! It’s good to have you back.

January 1, 2011 at 11:40 pm
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