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PA-39: It’s over

Levdansky concedes.

An attorney for state Rep. David Levdansky said Monday that he and his client won’t be challenging the results of the election in the 39th Legislative District.

But attorney Angelo Papa of New Castle said he has “concerns” about the lack of a paper trail on Pennsylvania’s touch-screen voting machines.

Their decision lets stand the victory of Levdansky’s Republican opponent, Rick Saccone of Elizabeth Township.

Saccone’s victory over Levdansky (I will never get tired of typing that) is the only Republican pick-up in Allegheny county and marks the first time a Republican has represented the district in at least 40 years. Most of all, it marks the end of the reign of a petty little tyrant who is the poster child for term limits.

Levdansky is (sorry–was) one of those politicians who thought nobody would figure out that what he did and what he said were two different things. Levdansky spent 26 trying to create a public persona, but his lies finally caught up to him. Here are some examples:

Myth: Levdansky supported gun rights.
Fact: He was supported by Ceasefire PA, voted against the Castle Doctrine, and flipped off members of Firearm Owners Against Crime from the floor of the House. He was also forcibly and physically removed from the clubhouse at the Clairton Sportsmen’s Club which is just…entertaining.

Myth: Levdansky was pro-life.
Fact: He was rated “pro-choice” by Planned Parenthood. How he ever thought he’d be able to keep us a charade like this is beyond me.

Myth: Levdansky was a “stand-up” guy.
Fact: His ex-wife got a restraining order against him because he was physically abusive. Note that I said “ex” wife.

It should be no surprise, then, that instead of doing the honorable thing and simply conceding the election on November 2 or shortly thereafter, Levdansky drug it out for nearly three weeks. It’s almost like he can’t let go or something. Either that or he’s a dishonorable SOB. Take your pick.

November 24, 2010 at 8:03 pm
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