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Rendell Is No Sarah Palin

Yeah, no shit.

“Sarah Palin was able to get 1,300 people to show up at the Republican Party of Iowa’s dinner last month. I can do better than that at this year’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner,” Rendell predicts in a message to drum up interest in the Oct. 16 event, where he is the keynote speaker.

Late Wednesday, Iowa Democrats said they were only 250 tickets away from surpassing the rival turnout for Palin. Rendell said besting the GOP’s attendance mark would “send Republicans and Tea Partiers a message,” and then went on to take a swipe at the former vice presidential nominee.

It’s a shame that Americans suck at counting.

“Whereas the Iowa GOP’s Reagan dinner sold out in just two weeks, Governor Rendell has to beg Iowans to come see him. This is just another sign of the lack of enthusiasm among Iowa Democrats who are stuck with a failed leader in Chet Culver at the top of their ticket,” Iowa GOP Executive Director Jim Anderson said, referring to the embattled Democratic governor who trails Republican Terry Branstad by double-digits.

Democratic Party spokesman Sam Roecker said their 1,300 estimate was based on “the size of the room and our past attendance at events in that venue.”

“The GOP claimed they had 1,500 people there, which I believe was inflated, but I think we can reach 1,500 ticket sales for our event as well,” he said, upping the ante.

October 7, 2010 at 1:34 pm
  • October 7, 2010 at 2:05 pmRyan_in_DelCo

    Both them like Oil Taxes though.

  • October 10, 2010 at 6:44 pmKenneth E. MacAlister Jr.

    There is one name which aptly describes the kind of person & politician Ed Rendell is: arrogant. If you need proof to satisfy you please read the book “In Eddie’s Name” by Bryn Freedman & William Knoedelseder. The disaster known as the murder of Eddie Polec & then mayor Ed Rendell’s response & conduct in the case will be for me the single defining moment of Ed Rendell’s despicable political career. May he never forget what he & the then members of the government of The City Of Philadelphia put the Polec family through after the brutal beating & murder of their son.

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