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Mark Critz: Another Democrat Lying About Social Security

I know, this is sort of a “dog bites man” story, but Mark Critz continues to lie and evade about his position and the position of his opponent Tim Burns.

The Critz campaign recently sent out two patently dishonest tweets:




Of course, Burns’ website says something very different (bold added):

Social Security is a solemn promise we’ve made to our seniors and I will work tirelessly to protect it. Washington’s reckless spending and disastrous economic agenda threatens to bankrupt the country and puts Social Security at risk. With every bailout or failed “stimulus”, Washington raids the Social Security trust fund, further endangering the promise we’ve made to Americans who have worked their entire lives.

We must put an end to the dangerous spending that threatens Social Security before it is too late. Cutting benefits to seniors should never be an option. I oppose the privatization of Social Security and oppose raising the retirement age for America’s seniors. I’ll get to work immediately to put an end to spending Social Security trust fund money and will always make sure we keep our promise to seniors.

I looked on Critz’ campaign website for a clue as to his plan for entitlement reform, but I didn’t find anyI guess Critz is sticking with the “pretend nothing is wrong” plan.

Also, if anybody remembers, the first person to suggest putting Social Security money in the stock market was none other than Bill Clinton.  The much more modest plan that many Republicans advocate is (1) optional, (2) fractional, and (3) excludes those in or near retirement.

So even with the most aggressive of the Republican plans, no seniors would be affected and nobody would be forced to put their money in the stock market.

Mark Critz has once again proven that he’s just another feckless DC politician, willing to say anything and everything to get re-elected without regard for the truth.

September 26, 2010 at 2:10 pm
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