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Liberals Lie, Hurl Vulgarities at Tea Party on Larry King

Thanks to Newsbusters for doing that work that Americans don’t want to do and watching CNN for us.

First Stephanie Miller calls the Tea Party “teabaggers” and claims that’s what they call themselves, then Nancy Giles starts calling the Tea Party “racist” without proof, and tells a Tea Partier to “shut up” when she tells her she’s wrong. Yes, the Obamaniacs are bringing us together!

The best quote in the video comes from Nancy Giles:

They just – the thing that is so disturbing to me about the Tea Party is that their racist attitudes and the elements of the Tea Party that are racist and violent that show up with racist and violent imagery in their posters, that show up at rallies with guns, that show up and intimidate – emotionally intimidate people, helps move the Conservative, you know, far – closer and closer into – in contaminating the mainstream, doing things like – criticizing Thurgood Marshall.

Racist, racist, RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone

July 17, 2010 at 9:49 pm
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