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Re: Santorum for Whatever

Heh. The post-election Santorum job talk reminds me of the Saturday Night Live “Superfans” skits.

In particular, one right after Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka was fired (1993-ish).

I can’t find a transcript online, but it went something like “After an opening day loss, the Chicago Bears rehired coach Mike Ditka to lead them to a 15-0 record and onto Super Bowl victory.”

DA BearSSSS!” *clinking beer mugs*

I think he took over coaching for DA BullSSSS too, but I don’t remember exactly.

Not the episode I was looking for, but just watch the first few minutes.

Speaking of Ditka, remember that he was going to run against Senator Obama a couple years back. Instead the Illinois GOP picked carpetbagger Ambassador Alan Keyes.

Iron Mike for President? It could be a match up of “what could have been.” Ditka is an “ultra-ultra-ultra conservative.” Apparently we’re not being served by the current crop of candidates.

Update: Welcome ExtremeMortman readers!

More Ditka watercooler talk here.

December 15, 2006 at 6:22 pm

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