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Wayback Machine: Hoeffel Campaign Promises

I love this kind of stuff.

Down below, after the jump I have scanned copies of a mail piece from the 2007 Damsker-Hoeffel Montco Commissioner campaign.

It’s pretty sweet.

Among other things, it lists what Ruth Damsker and Joe Hoeffel will fight for.

  • “Open Government.”
  • “Property tax cut in 2008 AND creating a rainy day fund.”
  • “Competitive county contract bidding”
  • “A tough code of ethics.”

Here we are three years later so let’s check how the “fight” is working out.

  • Government between Hoeffel and Matthews takes place behind closed doors.
  • No sight of property tax cuts (they actually campaigned on reassessments) and our rainy day fund is now a black hole in the budget.
  • Competitive bidding only takes place between donors to Hoeffel and Matthews, and even then not really.
  • Joe Hoeffel weakened the code of ethics he adopted in 1998 and voted against the same exact language he proposed and adopted in 1998!

Click “more” to see the ads… and a fun fact.


Fun fact: 2nd gentleman from the right, Ken Lawrence, is a registered lobbyist…. and has been for years. Including when this picture was taken. For his trouble, he was appointed to the Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Hoeffel promised to keep influence peddling out of the Courthouse. He can’t even keep a lobbyist out of staged media.

He’ll make a great Governor.

March 16, 2010 at 11:48 am

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