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Paul Carpenter at the Morning Call has a lot to say about Unions…. but he also mentions the Yuengling situation.

It seems a large majority of brewery employees submitted a petition to company management in March of last year, asking that the union that claimed to represent them, the Teamsters, be decertified.


The National Labor Relations Board process took nine months, but ended with an NLRB decision to recognize the decertification. The Teamsters Union and its flunkies were tossed out onto Mahantongo Street on their fannies.


That ended any pretense that Teamsters leadership is interested in the welfare of workers. The ensuing boycott, or any boycott, is designed to harm a business and to put its employees out of work.

I encourage you to read the whole thing. It details Paul’s experience with a union at one of his places of work. Hint: the Westinghouse plant he worked at is shuttered. As was the textile mill that my union card carrying mom worked at until it was closed in the late 80s.

A reader from Michigan emails in support of the Teamsters and places Yuengling’s financial situation squarely on the shoulders of…

Instead of cutting the Teamsters out, the Yuengling Family should cut out their Marketing and Operations directors who have not been able to take the brand to newer markets. If the Yuenglings are not careful, they might just end up like another historic family business…….FORD MOTOR COMPANY!! Ford may have a chance to recover, but that is because the “family” realized they need to step aside and bring in people who want the company to succeed and not just the family members or family name.

She will also be boycotting the Yuengling products on her regular PA visits. She links to a page on the Yuengling site explaining why beer drinkers can’t buy Yuengling nationwide. Basically boils down to an inablity manufacture large volumes. Maybe labor costs are a factor. 😉

Myself? I guess I’m back to drinking Yuengling.

June 4, 2007 at 1:11 am
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