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“…and I will go to Texas”

Don’t worry; looks like we can all move to the Republic of Texas after the Democrats turn the rest of America into a third-world country. From yesterday’s primary election in Texas:

Ballot Prop #4: Public Acknowledgement of God
YES 552,413 95.20%
NO 27,821 4.79%

95% of Texans are knowledgeable enough to know that the Founding Fathers of America themselves acknowledged God, and that it was President George Washington who first made Thanksgiving a national holiday. The other 5% of Texans are more the type of “progressive” history re-writers who like to pretend that the Founders of America were a bunch of atheists.

March 3, 2010 at 8:16 am
  • March 3, 2010 at 10:42 amJohn Durham

    Quoting David Crockett to support today’s Republican NeoCon positions shows history is being rewritten by someone other than today’s Democrats. Republican Abraham Lincoln and the “Democrat” turned Whig Crockett held the same economic views as yesterday’s Democrat FDR and Republican Eisenhower! You dummy.

    Jefferson is only one of the Atheists among the Founders. However, the majority of the core Founders couldn’t care less. Hamilton, the Father of the Constitution, proclaimed his belief in Christ pointing out Jesus’s opposition to Mammon (known today as the “Free Market”). Hamilton, like Crockett, Lincoln and FDR, opposed the “Market” or Mammon. Jefferson supported the British inspired idea of the “Free Market” and of course you knew, never did and never would sign on the Constitution. So, get your Atheists straight, Comrade.

    So, today, who do you serve? God or Mammon. I find that today Texans support Mammon over God. I find them Hypocrites, the most hated by Jesus, Franklin, Washington, Hamilton, Hancock, Rawlins…in short-all of the non-Religionists (Hancock term) at the Convention trying their best to establish a religious state in America. I see you dummies are still at it…

  • March 3, 2010 at 11:20 amJohn Durham

    We live in a Democratic Constitutional Republic. No religion or economic system is supported or prejudiced in the Constitution. Any action of any Individual or State or Federal Government that protects, supports or GIVES RISE TO IMPROVEMENTS in the “General Welfare” is “The Supreme Law of the Land”.

    Those stuck (damned) can disagree and make a “dead” document of the Constitution and its Principals of a Republic. They would have the “Market” or Mammon rule all citizen’s lives contrary to the clear intent of the Founders. In this great nation, RIGHT rules. And, given the imperfections of the mortal, Christians should know, Love must rule over and purify what we believe is Right. The government has on many occasions protected and must on many occasions in the future protect, citizens from Mammon, putting God (what is RIGHT for ALL) over the mortal imperfections systemic throughout all that human daily created Market(s).

  • March 3, 2010 at 7:17 pmJohn Lewandowski

    First of all, economic systems and religious beliefs are not the same thing. I’m sure that there are capitalists who worship money, just as I’m sure that there are Communists who quite hypocritically also worship money (see: Michael Moore), but the two have very little to do with each other.

    Those of you who are socialists, or progressives, or whatever the hell you have elected to call yourselves in order to deceive the largest percentage of the population into supporting you, delight in assuming – as if it’s simple logic – that anyone who supports free market capitalism is a money-hungry, ruthless businessman who lives to screw over the people. Your perverse view that any form of exchange between people in which the government is not involved automatically amounts to exploitation and the violation of human rights seems to come from that notion.

    You speak as though there are only two possibilities – government-run businesses or 100% free markets controlled by brutal monopolies. Fortunately, I and most modern conservatives are more moderate than you seem to think. I have no problem with laws designed to encourage and maximize competition – I basically agree with G.K. Chesterton’s ideas of Distributism – but that is a far cry from government domination of business.

    But of course all of this is quite tangential to the original topic, which is the public acknowledgement of God. So unless you have a quote from Davy Crockett in which he condemns the national holiday of Thanksgiving, please refrain from wasting time with nonsense.

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