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Montco: Guzzardi Told to Butt Out

Perpetual thorn in the side of Montgomery County Republican Establishment, Bob Guzzardi, got a Letter to the Editor published in the Norristown Times-Herald. (posted after the jump)

Which elicited a response from Montco GOP Chairman Ken Davis.

In a recent letter to the editor titled “Matthews must resign as Montgomery County Commissioner” Bob Guzzardi of Ardmore, states that with the current Chairman and Jim Matthews on the ticket, “it means almost certain defeat for the Republicans in November.” I find it both ironic and preposterous that Mr. Guzzardi would stake such a claim and make such baseless and callous accusations.


The fact of the matter is that notorious finger-pointer, Bob Guzzardi, is a contributor to the campaigns of prominent Democrats including $3,100 to Joseph Hoeffel. What is even more amusing is the fact that Mr. Guzzardi has the audacity to “suggest” a substitute candidate to the Montgomery County Republican Committee. First and foremost, the endorsement process is a bottom-up process and no one person, including myself, determines the slate of the endorsed candidates. Secondly, a man who has given over $120,000 to various Democrat committees and candidates, SHOULD NOT and WILL NOT speak on behalf of the Montgomery County Republican Committee.


The bottom line is this: Under Republican leadership, Montgomery County continues to be the envy of surrounding counties. Protecting open space, reducing our tax burden, eliminating wasteful spending and initiating new and innovative improvements to our public safety system are the issues that will be the focus of voters in November, not the unfounded words of a self proscribed “political philanthropist.” In a world where efficiency and government are rarely used in the same sentence, Republicans in Montgomery County Government continually find new ways to better serve the taxpayers and will continue to provide excellent local Government, because that is what Government should do for its citizens.

Original Bob Guzzardi email after the jump.

This is the version sent to the Times-Herald by Bob, not necessarily the one that was printed.

This situation did not develop by accident.


There is a failure of leadership to advocate for core Republican values of limited government, open and accountable government, government for the people and not for private gain. “no bid” contracts are an anchor destroying the party.


Let’s start with Montco Chair Ken Davis and his patron Bob Asher. This slide has been occuring for years and voters are moving to independent, evidencing disgust with incumbents of both parties. The Ds are not winning the Rs are losing because of things like Ken Davis’ $300,000 no bid, no benefit, no work fee, welfare for the rich. Ken Davis is a Welfare King and does not deserve to lead the party and yet….where is the movement to oust him. Jon Fox, Robert Griffith, Joanne Ayer and others in ATRO leadership are failing to petition Ken Davis to resign. What Republican, other than Bob Sklaroff and I, have spoken out about this? Publicly, only to be denigrated. and, as a result, Montgomery County will be turned over to collectivivists who will increase scope of government, increase spending and increase taxes. each tax diminishes personal opportunity and deprives individual of opportunities to spend his or her money in way he or she thinks best.


The inside vote on Xpand contract, and the inside votes on other ‘no bid’ contracts have evidenced the Montco Republican party’s lack of interest in ideas. This illustrative of other problems in Montco and I think Eric Kretschman may be doing the party a favor by listing all the no bid contracts and the payees on the Montco Controller’s web page.


The choice of the very flawed Jim Matthews was Asher’s doing. Matthews contributed $4000 to Asher in the weeks, on March 24th, right after the Montco Endorsement Convention and $1000 on Jan 29th, a month and a half before the March 15th Montco Republican Endorsement Conventiont – some might interpret the $1000 as down payment by Matthews for Asher support and the $4000 as a “performance bonus” after Asher delivered the endorsement to Matthews effectively ending the Murphy Weber candidacy because of her promise to some committee people ( and unknown to many of her supporters not on the inside of the campaign) to drop out if she did not get endorsement is easy to infer that Matthews wanted Asher to support his candidacy even though Matthews had voted for the Davis $300,000 no bid no benefit no work fee, had voted for 38% increase in his own salary, had voted for and given information to no bid provider because Mark Schweiker called him. see attached petition with detailed references to e-mails.


Ken Davis must go if Montco Republicans are to revitalize. In fact, probably, all of present Montco Republican leadership, including and, in particular, Abington Rockledge leadership must be replaced with practical idealists who understand the power of compelling idea of Limited Government, Pro Growth, Economic Freedom, personal autonomy and individual initiative. There is a difference between Freedom and Slavery and dependence on government enervates and diminishes personal autonomy, personal freedom. Taking what an individual owns deprives that individual of personal choice and opportunity. Recovering the lost opportunities of which taxation deprives the individual has to be a core value.


It is a disgrace that the Republican leadership have not talked about this. The party of Lincoln and Reagan; the party of freedom and free markets. the party of the taxpayer; the party of the individual. the party that creates and innovates, innovative and inventive businesses that create jobs that produce the goods and provide the services people want and need and willingly and volunatarily pay for with money they earned and create the revenues for government to provide services it needs to provide.


Throughout the ages, the few have ruled the many; America is the exception relying on the “wisdom of crowds”, the stock market model, government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not a government of elite experts and concentrated political power and economic wealth; not arrogance but service.


Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore, Penna

For the record, Bob Guzzardi and I hosted a fundraiser for Bruce Castor and (then commissioner’s candidate) Melissa Murphy Weber this spring at my home.

The real “tragedy” in this situation, if there is one, is the making of a story were there wasn’t one. How many people read Guzzardi’s letter in the Times-Herald the other day? Few.

So few in fact, that no one sent it to myself or any other blogger.

Now that the rebuttal goes to PoliticsPa, as a headline story, the insider baseball types in the whole state know.

Great work.

May 29, 2007 at 7:10 pm
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