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The Tebow Super Bowl Ad

You have probably heard of the controversy over Tim Tebow making a pro-life ad which Focus on the Family intends to run on CBS during the Super Bowl. The ad tells the story of the star college football quarterback and how his mother’s doctor recommended that she abort him. Naturally, all of the pro-abortion organizations are throwing a fit over this ad, once again proving that they are indeed pro-abortion, not pro-choice.

The latest attempt to derail the ad comes from a homosexual dating company, which comes as no surprise since the fascist gays have allied themselves with the radical feminists against decency and civilization (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). The company asked CBS to run an ad which shows two men making out, which CBS rejected. I have no doubt that they knew the ad would be rejected, so that they could then claim a double standard. That is, how can CBS accept one advocacy ad while rejecting another?

Well, first of all, neither is really an advocacy ad. One tells the story of a star quarterback. The other is an ad for a dating service. Advocacy might be implied, but it is not explicit.

Second, CBS, like most broadcasters, puts dollar signs before everything else. The Tim Tebow ad will undoubtedly be well received by the vast majority of people watching the Super Bowl. The ad for gay dating will not. Whether or not they approve of gay marriage, the natural reaction of most men to seeing two guys making out is disgust. It’s just not something that we want to see. Does CBS really want to run an ad which is going to gross out the vast majority of Super Bowl viewers?

Ultimately, this is all so much dishonesty. The radical feminists only really oppose this ad because it shows a high profile pro-lifer and tells his pro-life story. If they really cared about supposedly anti-woman ads, where were they when other Super Bowl ads portrayed women as sex objects? And the fascist gays only care because they’re sticking up for their radical feminist allies against the “Christianist” “theocracy”.

January 30, 2010 at 6:25 pm
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