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Street Equalizer

Maybe Ohio State Rep Michael DeBose ought to ring up State Senator Angel Cruz?

Mr DeBose had “a problem” three doors down from his home.

DeBose twice voted against a measure to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons. It became law in 2004.


DeBose voted his conscience. He feared that CCW permits would lead to a massive influx of new guns in the streets and a jump in gun violence. He feared that Cleveland would become the O.K. Corral, patrolled by legions of freshly minted permit holders.


“I was wrong,” he said Friday.


“I’m going to get a permit and so is my wife.


“I’ve changed my mind. You need a way to protect yourself and your family.


“I don’t want to hurt anyone. But I never again want to be in the position where I’m approached by someone with a gun and I don’t have one.”


DeBose said he knows that a gun doesn’t solve Cleveland’s violence problem; it’s merely a street equalizer.


“There are too many people who are just evil and mean-spirited. They will hurt you for no reason. If more people were packing guns, it might serve as a deterrent.


“But there obviously are far deeper problems that we need to address,” he added, as he suddenly seemed to realize he sounded like a gun enthusiast.


They say the definition of a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. DeBose’s CCW application will bear some witness to that notion.

May 16, 2007 at 8:59 am
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