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OK, I'll Vote For One Democrat

The Republican Party of Allegheny County just called and asked me to write in Dan Onorato for Chief Executive tomorrow.  The wimpy local GOP hasn’t even bothered to run a candidate, so the contest is between incumbent Onorato and some other guy named Rick Swartz.

First I dismissed the idea, sneering at my pathetic local GOP which had the nerve to ask me to vote for a Democrat.  Then I checked out LifePAC – they’ve endorsed Onorato, but not Swartz.  I also checked the off-the-charts-left Pittsburgh City Paper, and Swartz is their man.  Indeed, many far-left blogs also want Onorato out of office, as he is pretty darn conservative for a Democrat.

So this is basically a Joe Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont sort of situation.  If I lived in Connecticut in 2006, I would have voted Lieberman, and now, at least in the Primary Election, I’m going to write in Onorato.

May 14, 2007 at 6:44 pm
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